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50-3 inch Plastic Security Loops for Hanging Tags

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This is a package of 50 - three-inch security loops.

NOT for use with needle guns, this is the kind of loop that you slip through an opening, bend around in a circle, and feed the bobbly-barbed end into the little collar-sleeve-barrel (see example in photo).

Commonly used for attaching hang-tags to merchandise, they are also handy for:
  • Attaching your business card to your handcrafted merchandise, such as clothing, jewelry, toys,
  • Or to connect a tag,
  •  A key,
  • Attach an ID card to a suitcase or backpack,
  •  Even secure merchandise to display racks.
Let me know if you've thought up some other handy uses for them - Handier than a pocket on a shirt, these little things!

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