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Experiments in Resin - Results

Posted by Vicki Newby on 9/24/2018 to Resin

It’s the next day and I’ve unmolded the pieces.

I’m generally pleased with the way they came out; there are a few lessons in this project for me (and maybe for you, too).

The main thing would be that those 2-3mm bubbles I saw coming up were indeed due to voids, where the resin didn’t quite fill all the way in. This resulted in “holes” in both the jar and the lid. I will try this project again soon, and next time, I will use a slender, pointed tool, like a needle tool, or a Sculpey Etch & Pearl skewer to help the resin fill all the way in.  

Also of interest (at least to a resin artist), is that while the pieces were in their molds, they looked quite clear of bubbles, but once unmolded, you can detect some very small, fine bubbles that are caught in the resin. A possible solution to that would be to use casting resin (which is thinner, and releases bubbles more easily) to make the jar parts (rather than the doming resin I used this time), and then dome the lid with doming resin, once the pieces are cast.  

The cube beads came out okay, not bad for a first try. I’ll want to sand and polish the “top” surface of them, where the resin either domes slightly, or else forms a little sharp ridge around the edge. This is just something that happens when making cast resin objects, no big deal.

All in all, I'm pleased with the results. I'll keep experimenting, and post results as I go along.

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