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Unakite epresents grounding, positivity, and stability.
Unakite epresents grounding, positivity, and stability.

Unakite Nugget Barrette (70mm) BA480

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  • Unakite:represents grounding, positivity, and stability.
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Earthy moss-green and salmon-peach Unakite represents grounding, positivity, and stability.

This barrette is 70mm (2 3/4 in.) in length, wrapped with Unakite nuggets with coordinating glass beads and wire.

Unakite is a salmon and olive green stone composed of red jasper and green epidote. This "marriage" of stones represents the way things belong together. Meditate on this aspect of unakite for help is finding lost things (since you and your thing belong together!), and also to distinguish the truth from false (since truth and falsehood do not belong together). I think it as a sort of a spiritual pair of magnets, where one side draws together, and the other side repulses. Additionally, Unakite represents confidence, grounding, and protection, and is considered an excellent stone for heart chakra energy.

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