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Back in the Saddle Again!

Posted by Vicki Newby on 12/13/2018
If you visited Eight Susquehanna in November you may have encountered the notice that we were temporarily closed while I was out having, and recovering from, surgery. I am happy to report that everything went well, and that I am recovering very nicely, and "doing a little better each day." Let me here say, that if any of you are confronted with the prospect of hip replacement, do consider going ahead with it. I did everything I could think of to avoid it for well over a year, but now that I've done it, I'm glad. 

The other thing that means, is that I'm back in the studio, and Eight Susquehanna is open again! I'll be putting a sale together soon to celebrate, so be on the lookout for that!

Thank you for your time, attention, and loyalty,

Eight Susquehanna

Big Sale This Week!

Posted by Vicki Newby on 10/15/2018
Good through October 22, 2018

Experiments in Resin - Results

Posted by Vicki Newby on 9/24/2018 to Resin
Unmolding and Results of Yesterday's Pour

Experiments in Resin

Posted by Vicki Newby on 9/24/2018 to Resin
Getting back into Resin projects with some new molds and new projects.


Posted by Vicki Newby on 8/14/2018 to Gemstones
Agate represents Balance, Harmonizing, and Longevity, and is a birthstone for those born in the month of May. 

Zippy Bags

Posted by Vicki Newby on 2/20/2016